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    [701] Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760.

    Costebelle, who had suggested the plan of warning the Council at Boston, proceeded to unfold his scheme for executing it. This was to send La Ronde Denys to Boston in the spring, under the pretext of treating for an exchange of prisoners, which would give him an opportunity of insinuating to the colonists that the forces which the Queen of England sends to join their own for the conquest of Acadia and Canada have no object whatever but that of ravishing from them the liberties they have kept so firmly and so long, but which would be near ruin if the Queen should become mistress of New France by the fortune of war; and that either they must have sadly fallen from their ancient spirit, or their chiefs have been corrupted by the Court of London, if they do not see that they are using their own weapons for the destruction of their republic.[151][24] "Ce qui mit M. de la Barre en fureur." Belmont, Histoire du Canada.Woxikon startede som en simpel ordbog, men udviklede sig til en stor leksikon af oversttelser, synonymer, rim, forkortelser og meget mere.

    The new comers were the messengers sent as precursors of the embassy. At their head was a famous personage named Decanisora, or Tegannisorens, with whom were three other chiefs, and, it seems, a number of warriors. They had scarcely 175 landed when the ambushed Hurons gave them a volley of bullets, killed one of the chiefs, wounded all the rest, and then, rushing upon them, seized the whole party except a warrior who escaped with a broken arm. Having secured his prisoners, the Rat told them that he had acted on the suggestion of Denonville, who had informed him that an Iroquois war-party was to pass that way. The astonished captives protested that they were envoys of peace. The Rat put on a look of amazement, then of horror and fury, and presently burst into invectives against Denonville for having made him the instrument of such atrocious perfidy. "Go, my brothers," he exclaimed, "go home to your people. Though there is war between us, I give you your liberty. Onontio has made me do so black a deed that I shall never be happy again till your five tribes take a just vengeance upon him." After giving them guns, powder, and ball, he sent them on their way, well pleased with him and filled with rage against the governor.Near the head of the rapids, a little below La Galette, stood Fort Lvis, built the year before on an islet in mid-channel. Amherst might have passed its batteries with slight loss, continuing his voyage without paying it the honor of a siege; and this was what the French commanders feared that he would do. "We shall be fortunate," Lvis wrote to Bourlamaque, "if the enemy amuse themselves with capturing it. My chief anxiety is lest Amherst should reach Montreal so soon that we may not have time to unite our forces to attack Haviland or Murray." If he had better known the English commander, Lvis would have seen that he was not the man to leave a post of 370Woxikon er en flersproget ordbog og leksikon af oversttelser, synonymer og forkortelser. Online overstteren kan overstte mellem tysk, engelsk, fransk, spansk, italiensk, portugisisk, hollandsk, svensk, russisk, polsk, finsk, norsk og tyrkisk og m anvendes gratis. Den bliver udvidet hele tiden.

    She covered her face with her hands. He dragged them down, and crushed them under his own hands on her knees.Desuden tilbyder Woxikon konjugationstabeller og forklarende noter om grammatik. Vi anbefaler deres anvendelse som et supplerende hjlpemiddel til ordbogen.

    Woxikon tilbyder fremmedsprog-entusiaster et vld af muligheder for at udvikle og forbedre deres sprogfrdigheder.


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